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Leading by Example

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Leadership is a process in which an individual influences a group of people to achieve a collective goal. One of the core attributes of leadership is trust: a leader is able to inspire productiveness, efficiency and high- performance in others. Trust is gained when the leader leads by example. Here are three ways to lead by example and inspire your team:

#1. Listening to their Team

Leaders often get so busy managing tasks and giving instructions that they sometimes forget that communication goes two-ways. A good leader should give way to learn from the team, so that each member can bring their individual skills to the table. Leaders should not only be open to constructive feedback, but should be willing to act on it.

By acknowledging their shortcomings and demonstrating their willingness to improve, leaders earn the trust of their followers.

#2. Good Work Ethic

Working on getting tangible results opens doors to more ground-breaking achievements as a company. Leaders can accomplish this by learning the art of delegation, where they can break down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks that can be assigned to more employees. They can then follow up to check if the work was done according to the required standards.

Leaders who strive to deliver the best results and don’t make empty promises encourage the team to go beyond what is required. Fostering a productive work environment requires us to set an example for others. Employees will notice when you are slacking off as the boss. Modeling good work ethic will set a good standard for your staff.

#3. Valuing Your People

Appreciating the contribution of other people in your company helps build connection with your workers. Leaders should exhibit good communication and listening skills so that employees don’t feel inferior to other workers within the organization. Also, leaders should be honest, fair, and open to discussions that focus on the concerns of the employee. Valuing the contribution of employees in a company enhances the leader’s ability to relate with workers in a meaningful way.

Showing we care about our staff’s well-being will improve the morale of the workplace. Most of us have encountered bosses who invalidate our hard work. Being in a toxic work environment is detrimental to our mental health and will inevitably lead to burnout. Give your workers regular positive reinforcement so they know you care about the time and energy they put into their work. Creating a space where employees can feel safe and cared for will make your company a place people will feel proud to work at.

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