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Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Interview with Jessica, owner of Jessmorganshop

This week, we are spotlighting Jessmorganshop, and its founder, Jessica! We gave her a series of questions:

1. Tell us a little about you as a person (background, education, hobbies, etc.)

2. What is the mission and vision you have for your business?

3. What products do you offer and/or would like to specifically mention?

4. In light of recent news, do you have anything to say to the influx of Canadians that are now learning of the horrific history Canada has with Indigenous peoples?5. What are some ways that people can support Indigenous communities?

These were her responses:

1. I am a 23 year-old Indigenous creator, born and raised in Northern Ontario, and currently residing in Guelph. I enjoy making creative content, which is why I started my business in the first place! I first began my business journey as an influencer, and soon realized I had a strong passion for creating graphics! I personally don’t have a University degree and it’s something I’m not ashamed to admit at the moment! However when I did attend (for 5 years), I was taking Political Science courses, and part of my creation and influencing is to advocate politically for Indigenous peoples. Some of my other hobbies besides content creation include modelling, playing piano, composing music using a DAW, styling fashion, product photography, poetry, and long-boarding!

2. My business’ mission is to advocate for the Indigenous community through political statements on clothing, posters and accessories! My vision for my business is to eventually offer handmade Native crafts, like dreamcatchers, beading work and moccasins!

3. At the moment I offer t-shirts, sweaters and digital downloads! Specifically, my “Every Child Matters'' designs are what I’m pushing out at the moment, and they are doing incredibly well! I also offer a “No more Stolen Sisters'' design to support the MMIW movement.

4. When learning the history of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, try to be as open-minded as possible. Put yourself in our shoes for a moment, and imagine how you would feel if you were us…

I take the saying “never judge a book by its cover” very literally in everyday life… don’t be so quick to judge anyone, especially because of race… keep in mind we are all just skin, blood and bones.

5. Some ways you can support the Indigenous community are to read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and understand why it’s so important to us. Visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation for the report, and more information on Indigenous history. You can also visit Native-land.ca to recognize the Indigenous territories around you and their treaties. Another way to show your support is simply by following some Indigenous creators/businesses on social media! If you like some of their products, show your support by purchasing something! If you don’t have the funds, sharing and liking content is just as supportive! One last way you can show your support is by supporting your local Indigenous community through donations and/or volunteer work!

We think it’s very important to be aware of Indigenous history, and how Canada has failed Indigenous peoples, as this is their land that we are currently standing on. We sincerely appreciate that Jessica was willing to do this interview, and we love the work she is doing to advocate for Indigenous peoples. Jessica is using her business as an opportunity to apply her talent for graphic design, and to stand up for Indigenous peoples, and we think that is very inspiring. Jessica’s recent apparel designs are a perfect way to show your solidarity, so check them out on her Etsy (along with her amazing and empowering wall art)! We’ll be looking forward to seeing her future items! We also hope that you take some time to reflect on her responses to questions 3 and 4, as it would mean a lot to the Indigenous community.

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