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Interview with Audrey Marie

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Audrey Marie is a talented Christian musician who is part of the Westdale Community Centre team. Her unique style, which is influenced by Jazz and R&B, makes her stand out in the Christian music community. Audrey’s music also shines a light on personal topics like mental health and her faith.

1. You recently released the singles ‘Painted Smile’ and ‘Letting Go’. Can you tell us what those two songs mean to you?

Audrey – So, I don’t want to describe it in too much detail because I want my listeners to interpret what the songs mean. But basically, both of these songs talk about mental health and the feelings that people have when they overthink. Pretty much what they’re afraid of, and at the end of the song, it comes with a bit of a hope and how there is a light at the end of whatever they are feeling.

2. How do you determine what topics to cover in your music?

Audrey – They come from things that happened from my past, those kind of events mean a lot to me. I know with the things that happened in my past, there are things that I know the listeners can relate to.

3. Did you have any fears about releasing music that is personal to you?

Audrey – Yes. That’s the biggest fear that I have. But I have to remind myself - my family also reminds me as well - that if I am not the one that does it, no one else will. So it’s good to start with one person.

4. How does your faith influence your music?

Audrey – So, I have known for a while that God has given me a gift to sing. There was a time that I felt very insecure about it, but I think around this time, during the pandemic, God was saying to me, “You have no excuses. You’re not busy anymore. This is pretty much your time to focus on yourself and focus on the gift I have given you.” I wanted to use my voice to connect with other people, and the past year was a really great opportunity for me to really take the time to make an album.

5. Your music seems to be very influenced by Jazz and R&B. What other artists have influenced your style?

Audrey – So, back when I was in the Philippines when I was studying music, my vocal coach introduced me to classic jazz, and she showed me a lot of talented artists that I can really get inspired by. The artists that she shared with me are Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel – they are some of my favourites. Also, Tori Kelly and Tom Misch as well, so those are my inspirations.

6. Are you planning on releasing any new music in the near future?

Audrey – I have a new single coming out June 25th, and afterwards we are actually releasing an album which will be coming really soon. It’s not confirmed yet but it’s coming really soon!

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