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Coffee Intake Observational Study

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

What Happens When a Person Gave Coffee Up for a Whole Week?

To most Canadians, coffee is an essential part of the morning. To some, coffee may even determine their mood for the day. We spoke to different people regarding their daily coffee consumption. We then decided to do an experiment to see what happens to a person when he or she suddenly stopped drinking coffee for a whole week.

Two members of the community, Carl and Daniel, took part in our experiment. Daniel is a recent college graduate and would consume 1 – 2 cups of coffee a day. Carl is a community worker who consumes 3 – 4 cups a day. Carl went with no coffee for 3 whole days, while Daniel went on for 7 whole days. Let’s find out what happens to them!

Surprisingly, Carl and Daniel reported no side effects at first. Despite drinking coffee every morning for 4 years, Carl did not feel any different. Daniel also felt fine the first day. However, things changed the following day.

On day two, Carl reported lower energy levels. Carl needed to take two power naps in order to get through the day. On the third day, Daniel also reported feeling less energy.

After the experiment ended, Daniel realized that he didn’t need coffee to get through his morning. He even thinks coffee might have become a placebo. This experiment made him realize that caffeine had no noticeable effect on his daily routine.

Carl realized that he is somewhat dependant on caffeine. He realized that it helps him get through the day and he is not willing to give it up completely. However, this experiment also made him aware of how caffeine has a significant impact on his life.

We also talked to J.C., who drinks 6-7 cups of coffee a day. J.C. told us that “coffee gives him adrenaline.” Without coffee, he told us he doesn’t know “how to think” and that “coffee runs through his blood.” J.C. clearly is very dependant on coffee. He needs large amounts in order to function properly which indicates it might be an addiction.

Daniel, Carl, and J.C. all have different relationships with caffeine. Daniel found it easy to give up his coffee habit as it never was a big part of his life. On the other hand, Carl discovered that caffeine is a habit which is difficult to quit. J.C. is an example of someone who consumes excessive amounts of caffeine and would most likely suffer serious withdrawal symptoms without it. This experiment offered us a chance to uncover how caffeine effects our body’s energy levels in different ways. So ask yourself – could I easily give up caffeine for a week?

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